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Fox Run Park | Habert Family

Fox Run Park is one of my most favorite places in Colorado Springs for family photography. There are so many "looks" you can achieve in one small-ish area. This time of year, it's like Disneyland for photographers, and about as popular. The Habert Family decided on Fox Run for their first set of family photos in years and I'm so glad that we got to meet up a[...]

Couples Photography | The Roberts

Couples photography is a new trend we're starting to see more and more. Not everyone gets married, has 2.5 kids and a dog five minutes later. Couples photography is a nice interim between the wedding photos and the maternity photos (if that's the path you choose, no judgement, checklists, or baby pressure here). Side note: did you see the couple that got a p[...]

Air Force Academy | Meredith Family

Welcome to family photography at your United States Air Force Academy! Meet the Meredith Family! One of my most loyal, and favorite clients. I believe I have been photographing this family for the past three years steady. I love them. Really love them. Michele is one of the top people I'd call if I ever had to hide a body. Take a second. If you don't know ex[...]

Downtown | Callis Family

It's not often I have the pleasure of shooting Downtown Colorado Springs. I mean, it's really really hard to pass up gorgeous mountain views, Garden of the Gods, and lots of other natural wonders that we are lucky to have right here in town. But when I do, oh I love it. I'm a city girl all. the. way. Give me busy streets a view of bright lights and no lawn t[...]

Garden of the Gods | Moyes Family

Garden of the Gods is a staple location here in Colorado Springs. There are so many great "spots" to take family photos all within the park. This is my first family session of the season here, but certainly not the last (I think I have three currently on the schedule). We had originally planned on going to Rock Ledge Ranch right by the Garden of the Gods ent[...]

Time to start thinking about Holiday Cards!

Oh! But Meghan, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! I know. I get it. If only this was something you could ignore until after the Turkey is cleaned up and dishes are done. Cold, hard fact of the day? Cards take time to accomplish. What if you just got them done and waited until after turkey to address and send them? I wish I could snap my fingers and have those [...]

Flying Horse Family Photography | The Megahans

I had the pleasure of shooting the Megahan Family's Flying Horse family photography session this past fall, for the second time. Someday I'll be able to tell you that this family and I go way back to when our kids were in kindergarten together. For now, that means three years, but they're the kind of friends that will be in your life for a long time, and tha[...]