Cheyenne Mountain High School | Cecilia

Meet Cecilia, Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2016! So when the ladies come in for senior photos, we meet up an hour ahead of time for hair and make-up. I love this time because we hang out, sometimes in the studio, sometimes at your house, we listen to music, chat, laugh and let Ryin (my amazeballs hair and make-up artist) work her magic. It might be[...]

Pine Creek High School | Breanna

Meet Breanna, Pine Creek High School, Class of 2016! Breanna found me when her friend Jessica, my Pine Creek High School Model, walked into her work after her shoot with her hair and make-up all done up. You guys ladies, we have some fun making you look gorgeous! But, I digress... Breanna continues my driven, hard working seniors trend. She's incredibly smar[...]

Cheyenne Mountain High School | Katie

Meet Katie, my Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2016 Model! You guys. If I had a theme of seniors this year (so far) it would be crazy smart, crazy talented athletes. Katie exemplifies every part of that, except maybe the crazy - she's super chill. We even hung out and watched a bit of Harry Potter before her hair and make-up session. Because we're coo[...]

The Classical Academy | Alex

  Meet Alex, The Classical Academy Class of 2016 Senior Model! So when your client texts you the morning of the shoot and casually mentions that boots might be a smart shoe choice, you know that you're in for something fun and out of the norm. Good thing I have some kelly green Wellies to wear! Alex and his mom came to me with so many great, out o[...]

Flying Horse Family Photography | The Megahans

I had the pleasure of shooting the Megahan Family's Flying Horse family photography session this past fall, for the second time. Someday I'll be able to tell you that this family and I go way back to when our kids were in kindergarten together. For now, that means three years, but they're the kind of friends that will be in your life for a long time, and tha[...]

10 Things About Me

I was asked 10 questions about me by Samantha Jessup of Miracle Kisses Photography to get to know me better. So, here's a little insight into moi. 1. How do you waste the most time? Dude. That stupid phone of mine. Faaaaaaar too much time wasted with games, social media, more games... Ugh. It's embarrassing. It's something that I really want to work on, [...]

Pine Creek High School | Jessica

Please give a big ol' round of applause for Jessica, Pine Creek High School, Class of 2016! Jess is the Leocadia Photography Model for Pine Creek High School, and holy cow did we have fun with this shoot. Let me tell you a bit about how it all went down. We started the evening at my studio in Old Colorado City with hair and make-up by the amazing Ryin Humphr[...]

Widefield High School | Kasey

Meet Kasey, Widefield High School, Class of 2015! Any excuse to spend an afternoon is Manitou Springs is a good excuse. The Penny Arcade, the stone steps, the library lawn are all gorgeous places to take a picture, and when you get to bring along a furry friend, its even better. There's such a variety of looks in such a small area. Kasey is so artistic and b[...]

Cheyenne Mountain High School | Leslie

Meet Leslie! Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2015! You guys. Leslie is going to do big things in this world. She's intelligent, goal oriented and freakin' gorgeous! She runs cross country, and despite setbacks from terrible injuries, she continues to train hard. She sings in CMHS's Crimson Choir, and was even nominated for the Military Child of the Ye[...]

Welcome | Colorado Springs Senior & Family Photography

  Colorado Springs Senior Photography is my heart. I adore seniors, and truly love where they are in their lives and enjoy documenting this momentous and exciting part of their lives. I also enjoy photographing Colorado Springs families. We live in such a special place where emphasis is on the whole family and it has become a priority to mark the[...]