About Me

Meghan Roberson, Leocadia Photography, Colorado Springs Senior and Family PhotographerHi! So nice to meet you. I’m Meghan. I live for a Starbucks hot quad-venti-vanilla-mocha and Haribo Gummi candy of all kinds. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we’ve got two smart, beautiful, sassy, messy children. We also have Labradors who are totally lap dogs (shhh… don’t tell them they’re too big!). I’m a little bit sassy and a lot sarcastic. I love to wear pearls with my most edgy outfits. I’m a huge Disney Dork, but I won’t sing the songs (except to torture my kids), I have a terrible, tone deaf voice. My retirement plan is to be a Disney Photo Pass photographer.

My most favorite things in the world are a good waterski run behind our boat, camping (in our motorhome – I’m too old for that tent business) and watching football. Seahawks, to be specific (I’ve been known to schedule photoshoots around game times). I was born and raised in Seattle, hence, the coffee addiction, and 12th man affliction, but I’m lucky enough to call Colorado my home. I’ll even cheer for the Broncos, so long as it’s not the Super Bowl against Seattle. We’ve lived in Colorado Springs for 7 years now and count our lucky stars nightly that this is where we get to raise our family.

I became a professional photographer in 2012, but my love of the lens came way before that. The name Leocadia came from my grandma who emigrated here from Poland, it was her name, but they asked her to “pick something more American” so she chose Laura, which became my middle name. It’s pronounced: le-aw-KAHD-yah and means clear and bright. Two things, I believe, make a beautiful photo.

Let me take you out for a good, local cup of coffee, I can get to know you and some of your favorite things, and together we can plan an amazing, unique photo shoot to capture this moment in the story of your life.