It’s not often I have the pleasure of shooting Downtown Colorado Springs. I mean, it’s really really hard to pass up gorgeous mountain views, Garden of the Gods, and lots of other natural wonders that we are lucky to have right here in town. But when I do, oh I love it. I’m a city girl all. the. way. Give me busy streets a view of bright lights and no lawn to take care of and I’m a happy clam. But I married the opposite – he might actually develop hives if I asked him to live in a high rise apartment, so I’ve come to appreciate the quiet life. So when I get to go hang out downtown, well – I live it up.

The Callis family was a referral from my senior, Tanner, who also chose downtown for his session, so we knew right were we wanted to go. We hunted down the best alleyways and brick walls to create a very urban vibe to the shoot and Mom did a fantastic job styling the family for their setting. Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, family photography, Leocadia Photography

Oh. My. Gosh. This photo might be my favorite from the whole season. Sister there was a tough nut to crack but nothing that her brother and a few Smarties couldn’t solve. Family photos aren’t always about creating the perfect image of everybody posed and smiling at the camera. As a mama of two of my own nuts – I love the interaction between them and it shows their relationship. 100 years from now, they may enjoy the posed family photos, but this is the one the grandkids are going to cherish. Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, family photography, Leocadia PhotographyThis green stucco wall might be my favorite spot right now. it’s really a small-ish window cut out in the alley, but for me it allows them to pop off the backdrop. Another way to get good smiles (aside from smarties and siblings)? Fart apps. Folks, I’m nothing if not dedicated to my craft and if I can’t get you to at least giggle during your session, then we’re not having enough fun. This app has proved useful on a few occasions this year (senior boys, I’m looking at you!). Because deep down we all enjoy 10 year old boy humor.
Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, family photography, Leocadia PhotographyWhen all of that fails, some good tickles and a couple smooches from mom and dad always do the trick. I loved this brick wall and alleyway that we found – I mean that stripe of blue is so attention grabbing and the brick, plus the paint just pulled the whole look together for a very compatible look. Limited spots are left to get your family photos done in time for Holiday cards – contact me soon to get on my schedule! I’ll even let you push the buttons on my fart app if you want to.