Couples photography is a new trend we’re starting to see more and more. Not everyone gets married, has 2.5 kids and a dog five minutes later. Couples photography is a nice interim between the wedding photos and the maternity photos (if that’s the path you choose, no judgement, checklists, or baby pressure here). Side note: did you see the couple that got a puppy and did newborn style photos? Oh. My. Word. Go see it here (but come back!).

That’s what the Roberts did. They’re newlyweds who had to change up their wedding at the last minute and didn’t have a photographer. They’ve just moved into a new house and wanted some photos to hang on the wall, as well as something for the parents. Noel called me to schedule a session and had a very tight window to shoot in (read: no time to reschedule for weather). We thought we’d have plenty of time and that the storm would stay south. We were so wrong. A giant, summer rain (and maybe some hail) rolled right over us, about 10 minutes into the shoot. We snapped, we ran, we snapped some more until the rain refused to be ignored. We took shelter under the back hatch of my truck and tried to wait it out. It became clear that Mother Nature did not intend to hurry for us so we embraced it. I sent them out to play in the downpour. What good sports they were! Noel was willing to embrace the situation despite her beautifully curled hair and perfect make-up. But you guys. Look what we got. Talk about a one of a kind session! A little reminiscent of “The Notebook” No? stinkin’ romantic! As much as I love the toothless smiles of kids and all of my amazing seniors, this session was something special. Thank you Roberts for your good sportsmanship and willingness to just go with what we’re given. Many good wishes for a wonderful marriage, and thank you for choosing me for your couples photography. If you’d like to schedule your own couples photography session, contact me. I can’t promise a romantic rain storm, but I can tell you we’ll have tons of fun and get some photos to help show your love!