Monthly archives:October 2015

Falcon High School | Kyle

Meet Kyle, Falcon High School Class of 2016! We started out his consultation with "Well, where would you like to do your pictures?". His mom busts out her phone and shows me photos taken on 40 acres of private property on the edge of Black Forest that they have access to. "Yeah, I think that'll work just fine," I tell them. Oh my goodness. They took me to a [...]

Fountain Fort Carson High School | Tanner

Meet Fountain Fort Carson High School, Class of 2016 Senior, Tanner! When I met Tanner at his consultation he had blue hair and they said they wanted to do a bunch of his shoot downtown by the graffiti walls because Tanner is a guitar player. It just fit better than a field with mountain views. When we showed up for the shoot, he had fresh green hair. It's a[...]