Meet Cecilia, Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2016! So when the ladies come in for senior photos, we meet up an hour ahead of time for hair and make-up. I love this time because we hang out, sometimes in the studio, sometimes at your house, we listen to music, chat, laugh and let Ryin (my amazeballs hair and make-up artist) work her magic. It might be my favorite part of the shoot and I’m not even holding the camera. We get comfortable. Before you get a peek at Cecilia’s pictures, let me tell you… she’s gorgeous! She’s also super intelligent and a great Cross Country athlete.

We started at The Studio for her session. What I like best about The Studio is that we have a few great options for indoor photos, a nice warm wood floor, an amazing brick wall, and the grey seamless backdrop. Cecilia’s style is perfection. I love that she chose a trendy print dress but paired it with a killer classic leather jacket. You guys, this jacket!Falcon High School, Senior Photos, Colorado Springs, Leocadia Photography, studioFalcon High School, Senior Photos, Colorado Springs, Leocadia Photography, studioWhen we had finished in The Studio, we headed out to Stratton Open Space for some beautiful fields and the mountains behind. Cecilia runs these trails quite often with the Cheyenne Mountain High School Cross Country team. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… I love so much when seniors choose spots with personal meaning to them. After four years of running these trails, I’m sure she’s just about sick of them, but years from now when she looks back at the photos, she’s going to have such great memories of teammates and time spent on those trails.Falcon High School, Senior Photos, Colorado Springs, Leocadia Photography, studio, field, jean jacket, posingThis white dress paired with the jean jacket (and white Chuck Taylors not pictured…) is so classic and perfect. I love that it works in The Studio and outside in the field.Falcon High School, Senior Photos, Colorado Springs, Leocadia Photography, cross country, shoes, brooks, running, fieldOften times, I’ll spend the evening before a shoot texting back and forth with seniors about their outfits. Cecilia and I talked about a few outfits, and one of the things we discussed were her new shoes that she’d worn for a race the previous weekend. They were dusty. We decided that she could clean them, but shiny new shoes in a photo for a Cross Country athlete would look really strange. I’m so glad they weren’t in perfect condition, it really adds to the¬†story of her senior year.

If you’d like more information on a Senior Photography session with Leocadia Photography, contact me! If you’re a Cheyenne Mountain High School senior (or Junior) see Cecilia or Katie, my Cheyenne Mountain High School 2016 model!