Monthly archives:September 2015

Falcon High School | Jessica

Meet Falcon High School Class of 2016 Senior, Jessica! Jessica and her family are my people... they love all things Disney as much as I do. We talked about favorite movies, traveling to Disney World and basically all of my favorite things. In my house we are Disney nerds to the Nth degree; like, we listen to Podcasts about Disneyland, Disney nerds. We had al[...]

Cheyenne Mountain High School | Cecilia

Meet Cecilia, Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2016! So when the ladies come in for senior photos, we meet up an hour ahead of time for hair and make-up. I love this time because we hang out, sometimes in the studio, sometimes at your house, we listen to music, chat, laugh and let Ryin (my amazeballs hair and make-up artist) work her magic. It might be[...]

Pine Creek High School | Breanna

Meet Breanna, Pine Creek High School, Class of 2016! Breanna found me when her friend Jessica, my Pine Creek High School Model, walked into her work after her shoot with her hair and make-up all done up. You guys ladies, we have some fun making you look gorgeous! But, I digress... Breanna continues my driven, hard working seniors trend. She's incredibly smar[...]