Meet Alex, The Classical Academy Class of 2016 Senior Model!

So when your client texts you the morning of the shoot and casually mentions that boots might be a smart shoe choice, you know that you’re in for something fun and out of the norm. Good thing I have some kelly green Wellies to wear! Alex and his mom came to me with so many great, out of the box ideas for his senior pictures it was easy to be inspired to create something really unique that shows off who he is. Alex is a laid back, awesome athlete, who’s just an all around smart nice guy.

Leocadia Photography, Senior, Photos, Male, Track, Colorado Springs, Composite, Football, The Classical Academy

We started the afternoon of shooting off at the track and football field of The Classical Academy. Mom wanted to use the numbers to create a composite of 2016 so this is three photos stitched together in Photoshop to create one image. Leocadia Photography, Senior, Photos, Male, Track, Hurdles, Colorado Springs, The Classical AcademyAlex is kind of a track star. Specifically, he hurdles. So we really wanted to make sure he incorporated that into his photos. I love when seniors come up with ideas to show who they are, something beyond just posing at locations. The tricky part was that he’d just got out of a boot rehabbing an injury and wasn’t supposed to be running, let alone leaping. To get the settings for the photo on the right perfect, we had one of Alex’s brothers test a couple hurdles to make sure we were set. It still took two tries (with mom wincing at each jump). The result is one of my most favorite images ever!Leocadia Photography, Senior, Photos, Male, Track, Colorado Springs, Football, The Classical AcademyThe Classical Academy has the coolest wall, I swear in the painting of it they thought about seniors posing on it. It’s perfection.Leocadia Photography, Senior, Photos, Male, Track, Colorado Springs, Football, The Classical AcademyThis is where the boots came in. Alex and his friends built a swing in the middle of nowhere with an amazing view. Did you catch that picture at the beginning of the post? Yeah. That swing. It’s so awesome it should have a name. I’d take every last senior I know up to this swing for photos… if I could find it again. Seriously, middle of nowhere. We were able to catch a gorgeous Colorado sunset up there before we finished up for the night. Leocadia Photography, Senior, Photos, Male, Hurdles, Track, Colorado Springs, The Classical AcademyWe found ourselves back at the track for one last part of the shoot. There were a few new techniques I’d been wanting to try for a while with constant light in the dark, and what better location than a track! I love the grit of these photos and his intensity. This is definitely something I’d love to explore some more. If you might be up for this, or have some awesome new ideas of your own, contact me to schedule a consultation! If you’re a student at The Classical Academy and would like to know more, talk to Alex!