Monthly archives:August 2015

Cheyenne Mountain High School | Katie

Meet Katie, my Cheyenne Mountain High School Class of 2016 Model! You guys. If I had a theme of seniors this year (so far) it would be crazy smart, crazy talented athletes. Katie exemplifies every part of that, except maybe the crazy - she's super chill. We even hung out and watched a bit of Harry Potter before her hair and make-up session. Because we're coo[...]

The Classical Academy | Alex

  Meet Alex, The Classical Academy Class of 2016 Senior Model! So when your client texts you the morning of the shoot and casually mentions that boots might be a smart shoe choice, you know that you're in for something fun and out of the norm. Good thing I have some kelly green Wellies to wear! Alex and his mom came to me with so many great, out o[...]