Please give a big ol’ round of applause for Jessica, Pine Creek High School, Class of 2016! Jess is the Leocadia Photography Model for Pine Creek High School, and holy cow did we have fun with this shoot. Let me tell you a bit about how it all went down. We started the evening at my studio in Old Colorado City with hair and make-up by the amazing Ryin Humphries. Ladies, if you need a prom makeover, seriously. See. This. Girl. Her work is perfection.

We hung out and shot a few pictures on the backdrop and against the brick wall. Jess rocked the model gig.Pine Creek High School Senior PhotographyPine Creek High School Senior Photography

Then we moved our hineys out to the Stratton Open Space, because, to her core, Jess is an outdoor girl. She even taught me how to drink an Indian Paint Brush. Seriously folks, it’s a thing and it’s kinda cool. One of those, “you learn something new everyday” moments. I’m impressed. The image below on the left, Jess ordered in a metal print – it might be my most favorite product any client has ever ordered. It’s exactly how it was meant to become wall art!Pine Creek High School Senior PhotographyJess was such a trooper. She had just returned from a mission trip and was bug bitten to start with, and I stuck her out in a field with maybe a billion bugs ready to carry her away and eat her up, but not once did she complain. You will never hear me carp about the rain we have been blessed with this year, you will however hear me curse the mosquitos that have shown up with it.We were able to play a bit with her class ring (and cowboy boots!), and more fields and more bugs. Can I just stop for a moment and talk about how green everything is?Pine Creek High School Senior Photography I’ve never seen Colorado look so gorgeous, you class of 2016 kids are darn lucky! Your photos will look like no other graduating class. This Seattle girl is happy.

Jess is also the first of my seniors to receive her own app. That’s right. Class of 2016 seniors will get a personalized app for your Android or iPhone. All your pictures to show off however you want. Ask Jess to see hers!  To book your Colorado Springs Senior Photography, contact me, or if you’re a Pine Creek High School Class of 2016, see Jessica!!